High Priestess of the Crescent Moon is part romantic adventure and part historical epic.  It covers the first forty years of the life of the historical personage Adad Guppi who began life as an orphan born in the midst of a vicious civil war and then became High Priestess to the Mesopotamian Moon God Nanna-Suen and influenced the decisions of ten kings of two different dynasties in two of the Ancient World’s mightiest empires.   

The story line, which opens with Adad Guppi’s birth in Babylon in 651 B.C. and ends with the fall of the last outpost of the Assyrian Empire in 610 B.C., for the most part, closely follows actual historical events.  The book is filled with a number of historical personages besides Adad Guppi, however, as a work of fiction it was necessary to add fictional characters and some fictional scenes in order to further the plot.

While this is a stand-alone novel, it also serves as a prequel to the larger epic trilogy "THE LAST KING OF BABYLON."  For more information on the latter, and/or the Ancient Near East in general, please visit the sites and